Thursday, 25 August 2011

Random stuff I'm thinking....

Well I'm back from holidays. Just finished reading the book " I miss mummy" by Cathy Glass. It is a really good  story , kind of sad,  and talks about a girl who is in foster care, it has a good ending and its based on a true story it shows me that  even in tough situations positive stuff can come out of it. Even if it's not fun in the process. It could have been better another way but the way it happened happened and well it's good people were able to make the most of the situation and have a positive outcome in the end.  Though it also points out some of the negatives about  Social services, but know organization is perfect and yes there are  problems with social services and mistakes being made, it has to be a really hard job for the social workers and other people who work in that field.  Taking kids out of there homes and into foster care must be a really hard thing to do.  Though also many kids get into good home situations and get adopted . Though being adopted has it's own issues and problems.

I'm applying for work study job at the University, I've emailed people  for working with children in different areas but most wanta work with kids with special needs, I also emailed the library and disability services, I'm hoping I can get one, because it would be much better to get a job that pays and something I'm interested in. I'm just hoping it will work out for the best, and that if I get an offer the one I want will show up first so I don't  accept the offer for one and find out later I could have got another job that I liked better.

It's interesting, I tend to worry a lot about the future but I need to trust God that he will work it out.  I worry about whether I will take the right courses, whether courses will get offered in the future, whether I will get a job, get into grad school etc.  I am trying to be positive but sometime anxiety gets in the way.  Anxiety can get in the way of life and functioning.

Just saw a commercial for sending money for a drought in Africa, that's one thing I wish I had was money so I could give it to charities and stuff.  Like there's so many stuff I would want to give to if I had some extra money.  Last Christmas I asked for part of my Christmas present was  money towards clothing for children through World Vision. My parents sponsor a child and I hope once I have a stable job that I can sponsor a child too.  If I can's send money I want to help people out any way I can. I have been looking into volunteer stuff but I also have to keep in mind of my time and not stress myself out to much, because if I get sick then I won't be able to do anything not alone help other people.  I have a passion for people who struggle with stuff. I love working with children , teenagers, adults with special needs because they are such special people and I want to help them. But even though I am helping them I find that these people also make an impact in my life.  I also love working with people from other countries, especially those trying to learn English because it's something I can help them with.  Plus you can learn a lot from them as well, I love learning about other people's culture. It is so interesting. I think if I wasn't taking sociology and psychology I would take anthropology. Luckily I can take some SOAN ( Sociology/Anthropology) courses because the soc and anthro are in the same department. Heck if I could go to school for more i would probably do anthropology or even like East Asian studies.

I love studying there is so much I would love to study.  It's going to be weird when I finish school, that's part of the reason I want to get my Masters is I love studying and learning stuff. I just hope that someday I can put what I learn to use and be able to help other people with what I have learned.  I'm still not sure what i want to do after i graduate I am still thinking about doing my MSW  (Masters in Social Work) but I'm so terrified about  prof references , especially if I'm going to take time off in between. Though if I wait for 5 years after I graduate I won't need a prof reference but if anything I will go away for like 2 years  before I go to grad school. I have been looking at the options of going to Kairos for a year with Reign Ministries, or teaching english as a second language with English language institute ( most likely China), or my most recent interest working at an orphanage for 2 years in China.  Though  Kairos has an age limit so if I want to do that I have to do that right after I graduate so I really need to think and pray about it.  It's weird there is so much I can do that I don't know what to do. Graduating soon is getting exciting but also nerve racking as well ( back to the whole anxiety thing.)

Watching Oprah , talking about prison about women getting put in because of something boyfriend did, but that's a whole other topic, I could talk about that too, the prison system and how they treat people, but that would mostly be negative.  Though woman in jail are like any other woman and many of them have made just one simple mistake  and it can screw them up for life, it's interesting. Though I do know someone who has had a record  made the most of  a bad past and using it now to help other people.

Anyways  I will stop writing stuff.. watching Dr. Oz right now, kind of odd medical stuff but interesting. 

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