Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Precious and other thoughts.

I watched to movie precious. Its a novel about an overweight teenage her that is having her  second child  after being raped by her Father. She's also abused by her mother. It is a really sad story. Though I know this stuff happens to people around the world.  Though  the movie shows that people can get better even in the most desperate situations and I know that people can get better . This story  reminds me of freedom writers which is another good movie which is based on a true story that talk about kids who get given a good education and a teacher believes and them and they are able to succeed, some of these kids went to college  the first out of there families.  I think people can be helped if they have people who really care, who will listen to them and care about them. People do much better when they have someone who believes in them that thinks they can succeed, and sadly not all kids grow up in an encouraging environment so sometimes they need encouragement from outside sources . Teachers can have a huge impact on a child or teenager. I thought of being a teacher or a social worker because I want to help people who are in need and make in impact in people's lives especially kids, because they are young and it's easier to make an impact in a child's life then someone who is older.  Though I'm also really interested in working with children with special needs.  I want to use my work to be able to help people who are in need.  I still don't know totally what i want to do with my future but I know I want to be able to help other people.

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