Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New day...

Well it's a new day at the cottage. I'm doing good been reading. I like reading. Starting school soon. Getting excited to start school, but I  hope the courses will work out. I'm planning on taking Community Mental Health, Woman Work and Public Policy and Intro Chinese.  I'm only taking it part time, which is ok but sometimes I feel stupid but like I tried taking four before and couldn't handle it, I hope some day in the future I will be able to handle stuff full time because I want to be able to work full time and be normal like everyone else. I'm doing a lot better with stuff so maybe I can handle more, but I don't really wanta chance 4 courses because last time I did that I had to drop and lost tons of money.  I have three more semesters left if I take 3 courses a semester. I might take it in the summer but I might do it next fall too, I'm considering going to China to work in the orpahange during part of the summer, and getting a job for the rest. Well time to sign off the computer. I hope everyone is having a good day!!  Even though it's raining today it can still be positive. Don't forget to look for the positives.

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