Sunday, 28 August 2011

Not Without My Daughter... Spoiler

Just watched the movie Not Without My Daughter. It's a sad but good movie. It shows the way in which Iran  was like at the time and the way in which they treated women.  Though it has been positive because some of this stuff has changed over the years and woman's rights have been developed more in Iran. It's really sad to see how little control women had over there lives and we think we are oppressed because we don't have enough money to buy the newest clothes. At least we have a choice in what clothes we wear, during the  time of this movie they had to cover up when out in  public and had really strict rules.  I have nothing against women who want to wear the "hijab" or want to cover there heads, but i do think it's wrong if it is forced upon them to do so.  People should have the right to choose the way in which they live and not be forced to wear something they don't want to wear.  Though I do know however many people do wear the covering for religious reasons and I respect that.

The movie has a positive ending as she is able to escape with her daughter and come back to America, this shows that even in the toughest situations when things seem impossible good can come out of it. It's amazing she was able to escape and many women  are not so lucky. It also shows that there are good people out there wanting to help others in need. It was interesting they took her passport and jewelry for safe keeping, so no one would know she was American when she was escaping through Iran. Though they gave it back to her once she reached Turkey... which amazes me because they could have easily kept it especially the jewelry and get money from it.

I like that this movie is based on a true story, I love movies like that because it feels real. Though I do know that it was  filmed in America and therefore there is some bias , and I know there has been some criticism about the movie , I think I need to read the book to see how close it is to the movie, but if the book is close to the movie, then that's what happened to her and I don't see anything wrong with portraying that.

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