Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Recovery videos and groups...

 This shows how barbie can effect people and can effect people developing eating disorders.  This video and other videos show how Jesus has changed people's lives and helped them  to recover from the struggles of life. The second movie talks about how a girl recovered from eating disorder, self harm and drug addiction.  The third video talks about a model and how body image changed when she discovered Jesus and the fourth about being saved from suicide.  There are more movies on CBN channel on youtube. This is a Christian Radio broadcasting station.I'm not saying that psychiatry or medication  or therapy is not helpful, but Christianity  can also be an important part of  recovery.  These stories show how Christianity can make an impact in people's lives.  Though people need to reach out to people. One recovery group that helps is called Celebrate Recovery, it has meetings around the US and Canada, it is a 12 step program with a Christian based , it helps people recover from there hurts habits and hangups.  Another 12 step programs can be useful to for recovery including Narcotics Anonymous , Alcoholics Anonymous, Nar-Anon,  Al-anon , Eating Disorders Anonymous, and Gambling Anonymous. In these groups you don't have to believe in God or even have a higher power to go , though it does talk about  submitting your will to God in Step three, but even if your not religious they are very good to check out and can be really helpful. Also you don't have to be Christian to go to Celebrate Recovery, just check it out and see what you think, though it does use biblical verses in relation to the steps.  These groups are all separate and not associated with each other. They are anonymous meaning what is said in the group stays in the group.

If you are struggling with any sort of issue that you think you need extra help with or other people think you need help with ( usually people can see the truth before we do because of denial), reach out and get help  see your doctor or a therapist , it can really help to talk about your feelings. Hiding your feelings inside can cause problems. I heard somewhere that "Anger turned inward is Depression." If one doesn't deal with the anger it can lead to depression.  If you are struggling get help and reach out. 

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