Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Eating Disorders link

I found this really interesting. This is 8 short stories about people affected by eating disorders.  It is really interesting. I found this link on a facebook site related to Danielle's Place This is an outpatient treatment place for people with eating disorders. It has different groups. It is situated in Burlington, Ontario. There are many other outpatient  resources in different parts of the country. There is different types of treatment, including outpatient treatment where one stays overnight, and they also have day patient treatment  where you go in for the day and come home and sleep at night.  Anyways I will write more on this later  but I'm going out for a walk right now.

... Ok back from the walk, by the way walking is a really good exercise , and I think it is also good for people with eating disorders if not done to intense because it doesn't have the intensity that other exercises do and you can do it for enjoyment and your not staring at a machine watching how many calories you are burning. If you have an eating disorder and you are allowed to exercise by your doctor then walking is a really good one to do.

Ok back to treatment .... Inpatient treatment can be  most intensive, just a suggestion for anyone who has an eating disorder or other mental health issue that may need more intensive treatment , get on the list when you can  you can always back out later if you don't need it at the time but many places have waiting lists and may take months or even years to get into treatment.  For example the eating disorder Inpatient program  around where I live  is  at Homewood has been known to have at least a 3-4 month wait if you have insurance and a 3-4 year wait if you don't have insurance as they have an OHIP paid bed. There are inpatient places all over the world one of the well known places is  Remuda Ranch. In addition Mercy Ministries  is a free  Christian treatment place for people with eating disorders and other issues. However having said this I don't know that much about  it and I have heard some negative things about Mercy but I also know it has helped many people, so it's always an option to look into.   If you are waiting for inpatient treatment, can't afford inpatient treatment  there is always less intensive places.  Many communities have a community mental health program that can service all sorts of issues.  An example of this is Trellis, which has outpatient services such as groups , therapist, psychiatrists, dietitians, etc. 

ED referral is a site that you can go to if your looking for treatment  in the United States.  For Canadians there doesn't seem to be as an extensive listing for Eating Disorder treatment. However I site with  drug and alcohol  resources also has resources for eating disorders in Canada.  This site has also link to many other resources with issues across Canada.

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