Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Observations about Children

Today I was volunteering with kids, it was interesting.  It is very interesting because you can see the personalities of the kids showing up even in really young ones.  There are some who are showing signs of being perfectionist, get upset if stuff isn't just right.  Their are also the kids  a lot of them  want stuff just right who will get upset when they lose a game or they get it when we are playing tag.  Kids are very aware of if something is not fair, the other day some kids got a a freeze because he got hurts and got another one when the rest of the kids got freezes a bunch of people said it wasn't fair.  Today I noticed that it seemed more kids were "getting hurt" I wonder if they were after freezes or if they were legitimately hurt. It's hard to tell.  I love working with children but it can be stressful at times. They don't listen very well, I'm been used to working with ESL students and they actually want to be their.  Also with children you see that some of them are more sensitive then others. It starts very young, and of course you never know the background that the kids have come from totally. The way kids grow up can effect them as adults. It is an important time in there lives and I hope that I can help them somehow and make an impact on there lives for the better.

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