Friday, 25 May 2012

Children with Special Needs are Special!!

At work, I sometimes work with a child who is basically non-verbal, I have only heard him say one word.  He uses some sign language. He has a hard time interacting with children and playing simple games.   At first it was hard for me to interact but then one of my fellow workers gave me the advice " Talk to him as if he is any other child." That's hard to do when the child does not talk back, but after spending time with him i realized he communicates in his own ways.  I felt him warming up to me, and when he would take my hand  for a minute that felt special because he was connecting even though that is really hard for him.

I have a passion for working with children with special needs, particularly working with children with Autism. I also babysit two kids one 4 and one 2 the 4 year old has high functioning Autism. It is great to work with him. I have also worked with a five year old boy with Autism in a camp situation and a five year old boy with Autism in a school situations. One summer I tutored a 12 year old boy with Autism. I have also babysat for a family with a boy with Down Syndrome and in high school worked with the Special Olympics at the school. I also had a partner through Best Buddies for one year. In high school i also tutored a girl with Asperger's and I'm happy to say she is doing well and now doing her BA in university. Some people with Asperger's (which is a high functioning form of Autism) are really smart.  I have a  teenage girl who is a friend has Autism i really enjoy talking with her!!  I talk for hours most day with a guy who I'm really close to with Asperger's and I love to get his opinion and to  run stuff by him that I read and listen to about Autism.

I find it amazing that you can learn so much from people with special needs, they are such special people and have a lot to give to this world. Don't take anyone for granted. Everyone is special. Everyone is worthwhile no matter what disability they have whether developmental , mental, or physical.  We all have a place in this world. I love working with children with special needs because I learn so much from them and they inspire me and help me to keep going despite having a bad day.  Children in general are wonderful and I love working with them. Working with children gives me joy.

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