Saturday, 9 June 2012

Twitter... and how it helps people.

I have been spending time on twitter and their is some amazing people on their.  If you look up Autism on twitter you will find a lot of great organizations.  Mental health issues in general are on there too. People who have issues are helping one another and helping them get through their issues.  I have read so many good articles through twitter.  One person I am following that is really good is @TheCoffeeKlatch which is special needs radio I am listening right now To a talk with Temple Grandin and there is a whole lot of other information on special needs to and pod casts. Check it out. Another great person to follow is @Life_Tweetss_ or Just stay strong, she is really helpful and encouraging to a lot of people.  I have been using twitter a lot recently and I have found it really helpful and really encouraging. I have been following some amazing people, therapists, people with social work degrees, which gives me insight into that field. I can also follow some of my favourite actors/actresses, which is a side bonus but not the main reason i do it. Their is a lot more to twitter then just following celebrities.  So if you want to learn a lot and meet new people get a twitter account. :)

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