Sunday, 30 October 2011

thinking about the future...

Haven't written for a while. I am busy with school and work.  I am taking three courses  Intro Chinese,   Women work and Public Policy, and  community Mental Health. I like my classes. I just wonder what I'm going to do after I graduate. I work at a daycare , I really like it. I like working with kids. Today i was volunteering at church with a girl with special needs. I want to help people, but I wonder how I will go about it.  I can;t do much with just a sociology- social psychology degree.  Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the years I spent getting my degree. Like if I go do a college program  even if it's fast tracked it takes me a lot longer then if I just took a two year program. Will a degree really get me somewhere.  I try to have hope that this will all  work out, this blog is about positive stuff anyways, but sometimes life isn't the way you want it to be.  If I get my masters in social work then the degree will be worth it, but I'm so afraid I won't be able to get in.  Also I'm interested in Autism and Behavioural Sciences which is a post grad certificate, but I could have done that if I had an ECE diploma or SSW diploma which would have taken less time.  Though I love my courses and love studying. So I guess it's not a waste.  It just seems like I spend all this money on school and I won't make that much.  Not that I'm after the money , but I would need enough to survive. Social workers make more then Social Services workers but still it's not a lot.  Teaching could make more, as much as I love kids I don't know  if I could handle all those kids, i'm better working one on one, like with a kid with special needs. Though I do like working in the day care.  I could go for teacher's college but I know teaching is also really stressful. I guess all the jobs I'm looking at are stressful.  I want to help people , I'm not after money. I just worry to much wonder about my future. Wonder if I will ever get married have children. I've even considered adoption but I know that is expensive and you need some money to do that.  I guess getting out into the work force and the real world scares me.  I'm trusting God has a plan and he will lead me in the right direction next year.  I might take a year off and do something , like go to China. I've also thought of teaching English as a second language, that would be cool. Though I like working with kids too.  I love working with internationals. If I could work with kids in another country with special needs that would be perfect. There is an option of volunteering in an Orphanage in China which is cool, but it's volunteer and not paid and in the end i will need some sort of job.  Well I should go to bed, thanks for reading.

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  1. hey- this comment is regarding an earlier post. I just wanted to tell you that the book "Not Without My Daughter" is SO much better than the movie. I had seen the movie first, then read the book and was amazed at how much more there was that wasn't included in the movie. I am just in awe of that woman and what she overcame to get herself and her daughter out of Iran. ANyways, you seem like someone who likes to read and I highly recommend this book.